A: The bra doesn't work with loose clothing unless you have a form-fitting top underneath.

Wear a tighter top beneath to help keep the friction in place.

Try our Camisole / T-shirt, designed to securely hold the Bra in the correct position.

A: No. The bra is designed with Ultrathin Multifilament Fiber, and it does not damage your clothing.

A: Yes. People with double mastectomies can use Minism Bra without any prosthesis. We recommend wearing a tighter top (Tank tops / Camies / Everyday T-Shirt) beneath to help keep the friction in place. However, we suggest wearing it with a lightweight foam prosthesis instead of a silicone prosthesis for women with a single mastectomy.

A: Add a little detergent and wash immediately for proper maintenance. Your Bra will get dried quickly and will not lose its form.

A: It is best to either lightly squeeze with your hands or use a towel. Dry your Bra is on a levelled surface.

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A: Please contact us with your exchange inquiry.


A: The Bras are manufactured in South Korea, and the orders are fulfilled from a distribution center in New Jersey.