Minism Bra

Size Guide

Best with tighter tops

  • Color: White
  • Friction Level: High
  • Fabrics: Ultrathin Multifilament Fiber, Air Mesh Fabric
  • Care instructions: Hand wash cold. Do not tumble dry
  • Made in: Korea
  • Feature: Adhesive Free, Washable and Reusable


Exclusive Member Collection


A: The bra doesn't work with loose clothing unless you have a form-fitting top underneath. Wear a tighter top beneath to help keep the friction in place. Try our Camisole / T-Shirt, designed to securely hold the Bra in the correct position.

A: No. The Bra is designed with Ultrathin Multifilament Fiber, and it does not damage your clothing.

A: Yes. People with double mastectomies can use Minism Bra without any prosthesis. We recommend wearing a tighter top (Tank tops / Camies / Everyday T-Shirt) beneath to help keep the friction in place. However, we suggest wearing it with a lightweight foam prosthesis instead of a silicone prosthesis for women with a single mastectomy.

A: Add a little detergent and wash immediately for proper maintenance. Your Bra will get dried quickly and will not lose its form.

A: It is best to either lightly squeeze with your hands or use a towel. Dry your Bra is on a leveled surface.

A: The Bras are manufactured in South Korea, and the orders are fulfilled from a distribution center in New Jersey.


Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Amy Moore
Never wearing a bra again

I love this product soooo much I've been using this pad thingy for well over a year and I love it so much!!

We are thrilled that you loved your experience! Thank you:)


It shows through every single top I own, so I can’t wear it.


It’s very nice. Comfortable nice shape. Right size. However, remember, it needs to wear with a fitted shirt.

perfect accessory

This was the solution I've been looking for. I have lots of dresses where there is enough support that I don't really need a bra but I also would like a little shape and for my nipples to not constantly be visible. I've tried just slipping in inserts from other wireless bras or swimsuits but they always slide around and need constant adjustment. These inserts stay put and provide shape and coverage without sacrificing comfort.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're glad that our bra worked well for you!

The only bra I wear now

I LOVE these cups. I literally got rid of almost all my other bras and these are all I wear every day now unless I absolutely have to wear something else for a special occasion. Before I found these, I was trying to wear regular cups by themselves under tight shirts or figure out other ways to not wear bras so I was SO excited to find out these existed! Because these actually stick well to a good amount of fabrics so they’re way better and more secure than regular cups. You do have to wear something tight-ish for these to work or wear a tighter undershirt. I hate bras that go around my chest and I don’t like sticky bras either so these are really the perfect option for me. I have a small chest (32B/C) and I don’t wear bras for support, so they work really well for my size, but I can’t speak for other sizes. I like these because they give my chest a bit of a fuller look and are more modest like wearing a bra but are way more comfortable. Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all. Definitely one of the best and most used purchases I’ve ever made.