Calling all breast cancer survivors: It's time to break up with your bra!

August 12, 2021 4 min read

Calling all breast cancer survivors: It's time to break up with your bra!

Undergoing a mastectomy – or a double mastectomy – can be a lifesaving measure, but that doesn't mean the after-effects are easy to deal with.

Between painful scars and expensive prostheses (and sometimes, shame), life after a mastectomy is full of ups and downs.

Some women rock a flat chest, proudly displaying their strength and confidence. Some women mourn the loss of their breasts and wear baggy clothes. Still others use prostheses and special mastectomy bras. Many do all three.

Everyone's circumstances are different, but we can all agree:

Mastectomy bras are expensive, uncomfortable, andfrustrating!

But don't panic!

An innovative company called Indoor Outfit has the perfect solution.


Introducing the Minism Bra

This truly groundbreaking undergarment is made up of two buttery soft, gently curved breast pads that slide into your shirt - so lightweight, you might even forget you're wearing it.

Mastectomy bras don't have to be a pain in the neck.

The makers of Minism Bra believe that people who have undergone mastectomies deserve comfortable, wearable options.  The Minism Bra is the perfect match for your lightweight prosthesis – most of our customers say foam inserts work the best!

Simply slide the bra into your shirt and place the cups where you desire coverage.


Curious? Here are the details:

  • The Minism Bra provides full coverage, just like a traditional casual bra. Its softly rounded shape is perfect for everyday wear and whenever you'd like to add some curves.
    • You've never seen a bra this lightweight. Minism Bra is ten times lighter than a sticky bra and six times lighter than your average everyday bra.
      • No overheating here! All our products are made of high-quality, breathable fabric. The Minism Bra is only 0.2 inches thick and still delivers your desired shape.
        • No more bra pain – we promise. Say no to neck and shoulder discomfort and the hassle of straps and adhesives. Wave goodbye to chafing and underwire. We've got you.
          • Live your life! The Minism Bra is 50% more water-absorbent than regular old cotton, so you can feel dry and confident whether you're meeting friends for coffee or running to catch the train.
            • You can get it for less! For a limited time, the makers have a special offer of 30 % off PLUS free shipping on orders over $25.

              Remember, the Minism Bra works best with light prostheses.

              The pads' ultrathin multifilament fiber technology allows it to cling to fabric and maximizes retention by using friction between clothing and the pads.


              Every woman deserves options

              That's why Indoor Outfit created the Minism Triangle Bra.

              The triangle-shaped pads offer a little less coverage, resulting in a beautiful, natural curve.

              The Minism Nude Bra is made to be used with our Botanic Origin T-Shirt, Camisole, and Cropped Cami.

              When you slide either the Minism Bra or the Minism Nude Bra between the shirt's lining and its outside layer, it stays there – without a single wrinkle or pucker.

              Our T-shirt and Camis are incredibly soft, thanks to Micro Eco Modal Fabric.


              Don't take our word for it – ask our customers!

              We value our customers and their experiences. Our mission is to honor each and every woman who wears our products.

              Here's what they had to say:





              Dream come true
              "I have very uneven breast’s (breast implant removed from one breast) so always have problems looking “even” with regular bras. Thus is not only ridiculously comfortable but easily and effectively attaches to my clothes so I look “even”. Just LOVE this product! Thank you."





              "I had a single mastectomy 3 years ago. Since then, I have been trying to find a comfortable bra with a single insert. I can't stand any kind of regular banded bra because of my incision scarring. I came across this bra and read the reviews and they were so positive, I decided to try one. Well, the reviewers were right. This is so comfortable! No pressure on scars and feels great. I would prefer a little more bulk to the insert so it doesn't tend to collapse against a flat chest, otherwise, I just love it. I can wear it without constantly tugging at it because of discomfort. Many thanks from a lopsided woman.."





              I needed these cups!
              "I needed these cups! I had/have breast cancer and had double lumpectomy. I needed a better cup insert than what comes with the standard bralette. These work great. Also, these cups work great with my Title Nine dresses, without a bralette. It gives me a nicer shape, since I refused to do breast augmentation. Ps excellent customer service, from a small business owner. I highly recommend."





              Worked great!
              "I have had a mastectomy and they work well without any pressure on the sides of my ribcage, where I find I have discomfort with a bra. I did not wear it with the camisole. It stayed in my clothes. I was a bit worried at first about them slipping out as my layers were not tight. They never did, until I was undressing. I realized I had forgotten all about them. They couldn't be used against the skin as the fabric is scratchy. I need to order a size down as they are too big, but still worked without looking odd under my sweater. I give it a 4 due to the sizing. According to the chart I needed a large. I will be interested in the comparison with the medium under clothes. I will order a M."





              So good!
              "I had breast cancer almost ten years ago and still have some sore lymph nodes in the armpit, and let me tell you, this is the best thing that's ever happened since then. Wearing a bra is the worst in normal times, and really the worst when I'm slightly inflamed, so having the option of this type of bra is truly a Godsend. I also got the cropped cami, buttery soft, feels like wearing almost nothing. I love it so much."'


              You deserve to look and feel your best, and we're here to help.

              Click here to learn more about Minism Bra and take advantage of the 30% off sale!