Look good, feel even better with the most comfortable mastectomy bra ever

August 12, 2021 3 min read

Look good, feel even better with the most comfortable mastectomy bra ever

Annie knew that life after breast cancer wouldn’t be easy, but she had no idea it would be so uncomfortable.

While she was proud of her body, double mastectomy and all, she still wanted to feel shapely from time to time. At 41, she was healthier than ever, having cleaned up her diet after her diagnosis ten years ago. So there was no way she was going to wear baggy tops to hide herself!

Unfortunately, mastectomy bras are expensive, and Annie had to wait until she’d saved up just shy of $100 to buy one. After the purchase, she almost ran home from the store, eager to try it on with a few outfits.

What a disappointment.

Not only did the bra look bad, but it also chafed and pressed on her scars.

She ripped it off and stood in the mirror, running her hand along what she liked to call her “battle scars.” They made her feel proud but sad. It shouldn’t be this hard to feel good.

She took to the Internet to search for an alternative to the contraptions at the store.


Then she found the Minism Bra...

Annie stumbled upon a website after clicking a link that said, “Break up with your old bra!

That was exactly what she wanted to do.

What she saw next was a truly innovative piece of underwear: Two soft, gently curved breast pads – no wires, hooks, or painful stretch fabric – just lightweight, comfortable inserts. They looked buttery soft.

The instructions said to “simply slide the bra into your shirt and place the cups where you desire coverage.”

Annie made the purchase. The makers of Minism Bra even have a special offer of 30% off PLUS free shipping on orders over $30. What a difference from her unfortunate experience at the last store!

Her package came soon after that since it was shipped from a factory in the US. She met the delivery at the door and tore the wrapping apart.

Annie slid both pieces of the Minism Bra into her T-shirt and turned to look at herself in the full-length mirror of her foyer.


Revolutionary Technology

She inhaled sharply; then, her face slowly broke into a smile. Finally, her reflection matched how she felt inside – and she barely felt the bra at all. The sizing was perfect and gave her the soft, round shape she was looking for.

Minism Bra’s ultrathin multifilament fiber technology allows it to cling to fabric. In addition, it maximizes retention by using friction between clothing and the pads.

Annie wore the pads for the rest of the day.

When she undressed before bed, the pads slipped out of her shirt and onto the floor. They were so light and breathable that she forgot they were even there!

She had to call her friend, Juanita. They went through treatment at the same cancer center and became thick as thieves. Annie and Juanita shared everything with each other – the highs and lows, but also the wins. This was a win.


“The bra is incredible!”

Annie dove right into it as soon as Juanita picked up the phone.

She filled her friend in on the Minism Bra and the Botanic Origin T-Shirt, which she also purchased.

“You just slide the bra between the shirt’s lining and its outside layer, and it doesn’t even wrinkle or pucker. Juanita, the shirt was so soft, just like the pads.”

“Are you sure it will work for me?” asked Juanita.

“I use a prosthesis, and I’m always worried that it will slide around or give me trouble.”

Annie explained that the makers of Minism Bra recommend using a lightweight foam prosthesis. The bra works best with one of the camisoles they sell. Juanita loved to wear crop tops, and Annie thought of her as soon as she noticed the Cropped Cami on the site.

“I actually got you one, too. I can’t wait to see you rock it under a crop top this summer!”

They both laughed and agreed to meet over the weekend.

Annie hung up, feeling more excited to dress up than ever.

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Break up with your bra! You really can feel confident and comfortable at the same time.